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Collective Identities (2008-2017) is an interactive installation in which the participants are invited to photograph themselves. In the installation, a self-service camera setup is made available to the public, just like a minimalist “photo booth” which takes portraits according to the standard format of ID registration systems. However, on using the system, the participant realizes that it is impossible to take a photograph like those taken by traditional machines, as their image is superimposed with those of people who have already activated the system.


With the help of a customised control device, the participant can choose between different mixing effects before making the camera shoot, producing collective portraits that completely transform the function of the standardized images used by civil control systems. The resulting photographs challenge the observer to recognize traits that can identify a particular individual.

The project deals with institutional control systems and databases for identification of individuals in order to create play spaces for self-representation. Each person’s agency on what was done by the other ends up creating a palimpsest of self images which calls into question the modes of representation, the construction of identity and the production of relations through digital networks.