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I Other I (2008) is an interactive installation in which a computerized video surveillance system is installed at the end of a corridor. The camera and the projection of the images it captures in the corridor are located on the opposite side to where people enter. Although the image of the space is sharp, the visitor’s image is cropped out of the context and appears as a dark, undefined shadow. With each step towards the screen, the person sees their image a little more clearly. However, when they are about to see themselves fully on the screen, their shadow is replaced by the image of some other person who visited the work beforehand.  At this point, the visitor notices that they have become part of a database created by the system.

The work makes reference to the narrow spaces equipped with CCTV by Bruce Nauman. It makes use of people-tracking technologies, automated threat detection and automatic database creation of current computerized video surveillance systems to create a platform which invites the participant to engage in self-representation. Before the selfie craze, the idea was to create a digital space to unite self-invention and the expression of otherness.