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collaboration with  Cláudia Marinho and actLAB

In Portuguese, Imediações is a play on words that means media + neighborhood. The project combines graffiti, stickers and Augmented Reality in a platform that produces the emergence of bottom-up narratives on affective memories in urban contexts of displacement, gentrification, and real-state speculation.

Immediations establishes connections between different groups of artists, dwellers and activists in order to occupy the physical, symbolic or virtual territory of the city. By confronting the mainstream narratives of city branding, the project aims to give visibility to the ones who live in undervalued surroundings and reinforce the sense of belonging. 
(print screen of the AR interface)

The project is developed in six progressive steps.

1. Interviews. The project starts from brief sound interviews. Permanent and transitory inhabitants from a certain region of the city are stimulated to narrate the stories they lived in that neighborhood. The memories of long-time residents are mixed with episodes recently lived by street vendors and newcomer residents. The only characteristic in common is that the narrative is anchored in a specific physical location.

2. Graffiti. The recorded audios are sent to a network of visual artists and illustrators from the city/region. The stories are translated into drawings.

3. Short films. The illustrations are then animated by a second network of local artists who work with animation and audiovisual.

(sticker installation)

4. Locative (Stickers + AR). Once edited as short films, the stories are returned to the specific place which originated them. Qualitative stickers (that show part of the drawings) work as markers of Augmented Reality. In order to access the video, people must utilize the app made available by the project in their smart phones and tablets.

5. Intervention. In a happening-like event, every collaborator meets their friends, broadly invites people and eventual passers-by to cut printed adhesive paper and paste in the place of the narrative. During this event, people are invited to download the app and enjoy the AR experience, which operates until the stickers survive.

The project avoids the memorialist approach of the urban space memory, bringing up different affective perspectives between people and their neighborhood in order to discuss the current development model of urban space’s transformation.

Immediations investigates the discursive production of (and in) the city. The aim is to establish a heterotypic space, make room for the differences and contradictions, bring to discussion the top-down models of public policies and of the insertion of information technologies in the urban space.

(intervention for stickers installation)

In this process, people who interact with the app are involved. Also, Immediation aims to produce social performativity of specific groups of citizens, such as permanent and temporary inhabitants of the neighborhood, visual artists, designers and audiovisual makers. In this project, the contradictions between different times, spaces and subjectivities are valued in opposition to the discourses and hegemonic images that aim to produce the consensuses that guide the flights of the cities towards the expansionist utopias.

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